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Half Marathon Course Map


The Flag System

We will monitor the temperature, amount of sunlight and the humidity by using the wet bulb guidelines.
Green Flag = low risk. Red Flag = high riskBlack flag = extreme risk. The risk flags will be displayed at the start line, all mile marks and at the finish line.
If the 
Green Flag is displayed: Go, Go, Go
If the 
Red Flag is displayed: you should be aware that heat illness is possible. Slow down and take your time.
If the 
Black Flag is displayed, runners should slow to a walk and walkers should walk very slowly. Stop, rest, seek shade.

NOTE: If the Black Flag comes out, all split timers and mile markers will be removed. Timing and scoring will be closed. Medical people, volunteers, water stops, IMPD officers, pick-up vehicles, etc will remain on the course.

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